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To empower Black and Brown people through the use of art, beauty, healthy living, and mental wellness while cultivating self acceptance and individuality. 



Since 2018 Free Your Scalp has created and implemented community programming centered around healthy living, mental wellness, beauty, and art. Our goal is to create a movement that supports people of color in mental wellness.


About Free Your Scalp


Free Your Scalp was created out of a need for a safe space to provide wellness and mindfulness programming to disenfranchised people.


In 2018, I offered a promotional service called “Free Your Scalp”. Free Your Scalp was a bundle of services that included hair extension removal, hair treatment, and natural styling. This promotion was a way to encourage people to wear their natural hair.


Clients that purchased the Free Your Scalp promotional services were asked a series of questions about their hair routines and lifestyle. It was through the questionnaire reviews, that Free Your Scalp community group was born.


During the review process, many clients expressed that they simply did not like their natural hair, and in turn never learned to properly manage it. While other clients did not have time for hair maintenance, and preferred extensions. However, all of the stories revealed some level of trauma and identity issues that effected other parts of their lives. Determined to bring change to my community, I turned Free Your Scalp into a mission project.  


Free Your Scalp is a sacred space that gives you practical tools and community support. As a woman of color that has suffered from low self esteem as a result of trauma, I identified with the participants'  stories. I understood the struggle to want to feel whole and truly free. As we know, the only way out of a hurting place is to gently go through it. Free your scalp is a resource for those who want to learn how to heal. 



Did you know?


The stress sensory nerve is directly connected to the hair strand. When the nerve is activated by stress or anxiety, people experience loss of hair follicles.

photos by Desmone Gambrell and Chadran Smith 



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